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Be patient, there are tons of images on these pages so please wait for all props to load.
Please do not steal my blinkie blocks or props or direct link them.
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If you see red crosses or blank spaces, right click > show picture. If they are too many, just refresh the page.
Suggestions for new props or donation of pixels for blinkiemaker are always welcome.
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How to make blinkies
Drag and drop the props to the white space and make a blinkie.
Press Prt Scn key on your kayboard (usually found between F12 and scroll lock/ Pause break keys).
Open a picture editing programme like photoshop, paint shop pro, animation shop or ms paint.
Press Ctrl + V, to paste the screenshot there.
Crop the image so that only your blinkie is visible.
Save the image in .gif format.
To animate it, open this image in some animation program like animation shop.
Copy the frames, change colors, flood fill or do anything and animate your blinkie!

Many detailed tutorials on making blnikies can be found easily if you search in google. Some helpful blinkie tutorial links are the following:

→ Any graphic editing program - Rainbow Arch Scripts
→ Any graphic editting program - Linz's blinkie tutorial
→ Paint shop pro + Animation shop - Sarah's blinkie tutorial
→ Paint shop pro + Animation shop - Spider's Web Tutorials
→ Photoshop + Image Ready -
→ Photoshop + Image Ready -

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